37th Annual Fest


Theme of AAKAR 2020


Knowledge is a vast ocean, capable of being explored a little at a time. Even though we may be students of architecture, there are still many aspects of it that we are still ignorant of. Bodhī in Sanskrit means enlightenment, and also awakening, casting away all false beliefs. It also refers to the tree of knowledge and enlightenment, associated with the Bodhisattva, the enlightened one. 
In Architecture, there lie two worlds, one of pure imagination where the aspiring student is placed, and the other being the real world of rules and regulations, where architecture is actually practiced. This year’s AAKAR will offer glimpses of the reality of the world of architecture, enlightening the students to the practical and business aspects of the field. Students will be shown how their dreams actually take form, and what it takes to actually build them. This focuses on building business strategies, project management, marketing, legal aspects of the profession, creating a network of people associated with the construction of the project, etc. 
We will also be sharing the latest knowledge about the field that they are going to be working in, like sharing fruits of the tree of knowledge of the real world, along with helping them acquire various practical information and ‘tools’ that will aid them in making a better design. Students will be made aware of the importance of market studies, case studies and reading in helping produce a more mature product. 
We will also be shedding light on the present state of architecture; the problems and issues related to the public and community, and how we as architects can help.

Dept. of Architecture

D Y Patil College of Engineering and Technology, Kasaba Bawada


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